Blow Out

"Blow Out" Artist Melissa Ayr's latest artwork for 2020.

This new collection is the culmination of the last 5 years of Melissa Ayr, being diagnosed with a  Bipolar mental illness. She had auditory and visual hallucinations leading her down a pathway where suicidal tendencies and grave depression had overtaken her life. Seeing no way out Ayr turned inwards isolating herself from the outside world. 

Ayr gravitates to a primary color palette using shape, form and texture to define her emotional status. Ayr has found tranquility in her madness to the humm of a leaf blower that helps to deafen the sounds that she had become familiar with.  Blow Out is a series of original paintings where Melissa Ayr has come out of her major mental illness and is now able to see colors once again. 

Whether she’s painting on a piano or using a leaf blower to blast colors onto a canvas, Melissa’s work captures the energy of the moment in a way no others have even attempted. Her work explodes with vibrant colors, exotic textures and a fresh perspective that breathes new meaning and life into the world of art.